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Intro to Equine Savvy
Equine Savvy Ltd

Intro to Equine Savvy

For the love of our horses

Are you looking to solve a problem?


Create a SOLID FOUNDATION, so you and your horse are set up for success.
Helping you create a solid foundation on the ground & in the saddle for any discipline.
Claire teaches students to understand their horses and to be able to influence their horses' decisions to allow them to be able to work with us in a calm, trusting, motivated and willing partnership

Would you like to understand or motivate your horse easily?

Understand why your horse makes the decisions he does. Learn how to use psychology to influence his choices over fear and intimidation. 


Develop your language together so you have lightness, confidence and respect in equal doses. 


Developing refinement in  Groundwork, Liberty, Riding position & Harmony in the Saddle


Or Master lightness & communication with horses?


If you would like to play at Liberty to a high standard. 
Learn how to prepare a horse to ride completely free (Bridleless, no ropes or saddles)
Play with multiple horses together on the ground or in the saddle

Your only limitation is your imagination!

Horsemanship, Liberty Instructor & Behaviour Specialist.
Tuition available at the Equine Savvy Centre or your own yard

"Build a partnership you can rely on. Stretch your imagination of what is possible with your horse"

Claire Burgess


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