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Claire is a horse behaviour specialist,

she helps horse lovers to understand their horses & then teaches the skills they need to effectively influence their horses' decisions.

 She is  based in Essex and covers the surrounding counties.



"I think I have been through every emotion possible, from frustrated & terrified to content & proud. Though it is through this journey I've gained the experience & motivation to find

another way with my horses" 

Claire Burgess 

Claire uses horsemanship techniques she has learnt from top horsemen from around the world. In 2010 she was invited to become the first Parelli instructor in East Anglia. Claire taught for 10years under Pat & Linda Parelli's guidance. 



Claire continues to study a wide range of top horsemen/ women including 

  • Frederick Pignon, 

  • Ride with your mind founder Mary Wan-less,

  • Dressage Naturally Karen Rohlf,

  • Ben Atkinson of Atkinson Action horses

  • Centuar Biomechanics

  • Eileen Cannon (equine body work)

to find her own pathway whilst sharing her wide range of skills & understanding with her students.


It is Claire's ambition to bring quality levels of horse psychology and horsemanship skills to horse lovers everywhere. 
Concentrating on developing a greater understanding of healthy horse movement, why correct bridle & saddle fit is so important to your horses mind & emotions, developing physically strong but mentally and emotionally content partners, using an understanding of classical dressage.   Using Liberty training to develop horses emotional fitness & exuberance for a great all-round happy relationship. 


"Love, Language & Leadership in Equal Doses"

Pat Parelli

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