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Hack with Confidence

~Maybe you would like confidence to go on Holidays with your horse? 

Would you like to learn how to set your horse up to hack with other horses in a relaxed way?



We use psychology and understanding of horse behaviour to help influence horses to happily navigate the world around them.


We train horse lovers to be good, fair and reliable leaders for their equine partners so they can go anywhere together. 


Who are Equine Savvy?

Claire & Rosie are horse lovers who have learned how to become fair and effective leaders for our horses. 

We love creating a warm, friendly and encouraging atmosphere for students to learn and develop their skills of leadership. 



Our Aim

To give you the skills and confidence to help you to enjoy your horse and to guide you on a path to achieve your goals.

We do this whilst putting your relationship at the heart of the process. 


Development opportunities

We also offer many other courses throughout the year;


Great for building emotional fitness and high level of communication

Bridleless/ Bareback

Developing a better balance and mastering the connection of horse and rider 

Equine Holidays

Putting skills to purpose with like-minded people


Step 1 
Connection, Control & Relaxation


Do you know that 90% of problems in the saddle are also lingering in the groundwork (and can often be fixed on the ground!)

Here we start to analyse your horse's learnt behaviour and introduce ways to influence the choices your horse makes.

We will teach you how to control your horse's body and influence his mind in preparation for riding. Step 1 is GROUND-based and in the ARENA.

We ask the question: Is my horse Calm, Responsive & Connected to me (over everything else)?

We look at yields, lightness on the halter and connection.

Yields -  Shows up lack of understanding OR brace in your horse. Does your horse understand all the "non-negotiable" yields and can they respond confidently even when they get worried. Non-negotiable yields are: Stop, Go, Turn left and right, Back up and Stand still. You must have these to a good level to hack safely. We teach them from the ground first.

Lightness in a halter - All tack (even a halter) can create the feeling of a trap for your horse - it is our job to help them realise they can think and find relaxation within it. Having your horse yielding softly & confidently to guidance from the halter / bridle / hands / legs is essential for riding safety. 

Connection - How to get and maintain your horse's attention, even (and especially!) when they get worried. 

Step 2
Ridden Skills & Relaxation


Step 2 is RIDDEN in the ARENA.Taking the ground skills into the saddle to help you develop a calm, confident, willing partnership.Starting to understand what your horse needs and how to help them in any situation.

We also look at the rider's confidence, tendencies and balance as these will play a big part in your ability to be a good leader for your horse. 

Yields - Making sure you have all your non-negotiable yields just as good from the saddle (Go, Stop, Back up, Turn & Stand Still) \

Rhythm & relaxation - Help your horse to find these in all gaits

Park - The importance of a good 'Stand Still' request. This is such an overlooked topic and yet throughout the horse's life we constantly need it (e.g. to mount, In a trailer, To groom, To Saddle, At road junctions)

Step 3
Developing Skills for speed and groups. Issues; Spooking


Now you are in a place to develop & practice the specific skills you will need to master in order to really enjoy your hacking confidently!

We will play with specific patterns in the saddle, designed to train your horse to feel confident and light to your aids whilst hacking. These patterns include:the Leapfrog; Having your horse relaxed with horses overtaking them.

Moving together as a herd.Allowing horses to find & maintain their natural synergy as the speed changes

Follow The Tail; Teaching your  horse that the horizon is not the intended destination. Brilliant for horses that like or need to be in front. 

Beep Beep; Learn how to protect your horse from other horses invading their space. Teach them to adjust their pace according to how the herd is moving, not to take over / take off

Spooking; How to deal with approaching & passing 'scary' objects 

Emergency Stop and Emergency Dismounts; Should the need arise, being able to stop and dismount quickly & safely is a game changer for a lot of people. This is something most of us did not learn in riding school, but it's an essential tool in your box.

Step 4 
Testing new skills with Instructors


Step 4 is RIDDEN on hacking tracks.

We use our own experienced & well-trained horses to help train your horses good hacking habits. At this step we will guide you through the first few hacks and help you practice the skills you have learned in steps 1-3 in a 'real-life' but controlled set up. We will start first in a small field and then progress to hacking in a group of 2 or 3 students together.


Finally, once you have completed this course you are welcome to join us for a local hack OR on our holidays that we run in the Kings Forest, Holkham Beach and planned for 2024 a Vineyard Ride.

Course Fees 

We are holding this programme in two locations this year to make it more available throughout the Winter too. 

Equine Savvy Centre, Nr Witham, Essex

Step 1 & 2; £95

Step 3; £110

Step 4; £110 



Beechwood E.C ( Indoor school ), Nr Chelmsford 

Step 1 & 2; £115

Step 3; £130

Step 4; £130


Therefore pricing depends on the venue but all prices shown include 2 Equine Savvy Instructors for each step and any hire fees. 

20% discount if you would like to or need to repeat any step at either venue. You are welcome to mix venue around dates that suit your schedule


Dates Available

Equine Savvy Centre, Nr Witham, Essex

\Step 1 & 2;

26th September 

11th October

3rd November


Beechwood E.C ( Indoor school) Nr Chelmsford 

Step 1 & 2;

15th September

3rd October

14th November

Step 3

29th November

26th March

29th March

Step 4

2nd May

More dates coming soon...

If you would like to book please fill in the online booking form and mention 'Hacking Project' in the comments

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