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Equine Savvy Ltd
Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy; Updated on 26th March 2024

Courses; All courses require non-refundable 50% deposit on booking to secure your place. The remainder balance will be due 2 months before.

If you need to cancel your place up to two months before the event, you can request to transfer to another course free of charge.

 If your horse has an injury or lameness within the last 2 months, you will be permitted to transfer 50% of the payment (excluding any school hire fee ES Ltd will have incurred) to another future course. This will not be refunded only used as credit and must be used within the year from the transfer date. 
Any students who are on payment plans are also subject to these conditions. 

LessonsAll lessons payment will be required on booking. Cancellations are ONLY transferable to another date if we receive a minimum of 4 weeks notice or we can fill your lesson slot. So advanced notice is preferable. 

We understand that horses can go lame close to the event. If this is the case then 50% of the lesson will be credited to your account (must be used within the year). However, if we are already on our way to you then a theory and simulation session will be organised to allow you to make the most of your time. 

Gift vouchers; For any students paying into Equine Savvy Ltd savings account to build up lesson/course credit or purchasing a voucher, this payment is non-refundable but can be used for any service or be transferred to a friend if no longer needed.

If Equine Savvy Ltd need to cancel a course or lesson for any reason then you will be offered an alternative date or you can keep the full amount in credit for up to 2 years, for use on any course, lesson or event with Equine Savvy Instructors

Agreement & Liability Release

If student is under 18 a parent or guardians signature is required in form. This person must be responsible for the student and present throughout their tuition. 

Under the age of 16 years, students must wear a hard hat for the duration of the lesson including groundwork.  

Rider Specifications:
Physically, riders must be reasonably fit and well balanced on a horse in all gaits
- As a matter of safety, Equine Savvy Ltd Instructors reserve the right to recommend that you do not ride/handle
your horse, in such case your enrollment fee will be transferred to auditor status
Student Requirements:
- A basic equipment kit is required comprising of a natural halter, 12ft line, carrot stick and 6ft savvy string. 

Important - for insurance reasons the following is required:
- BS standard approved helmet is to be worn at all times when mounted and recommended to be worn at all times when handling a horse
- Helmet must comply with PAS015 or EN1384 and must be less that 5 years old from the date of
- Appropriate heeled boots
- Parelli approved equipment
- Helmets must be properly fitted including the use of a chinstrap. Helmets that have had a significant
impact, which has affected the strength of the helmet must not be worn

Your Property (including your horse):

- I understand that any property left at Equine Savvy Centre is at my own risk, and neither Equine Savvy Ltd, Claire, Rosie or the land owner are to be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind.
Your Horse:
- Your horse must be started under saddle in all 3 gaits for ridden lessons and clinics
Please do not bring horses with serious behavioral problems on a clinic - contact Claire separately and she can advise you accordingly. She will work together with you to get them to a more suitable place for a clinic in the future
- Unfortunately stallions are not permitted


Any food provided by Equine Savvy Ltd is complimentary. Although every effort is made to ensure food is served to a high standard and hygiene rules followed. Instructors & volunteers can not be held accountable for any  illness or sicknesses as a result of it. Any allergies should be reported to Claire prior to the event and Claire will do her best to accommodate but can not be held responsible for any reactions. 

You are welcome to bring your own food onto the premises if you would rather. All clinics unless stated, you should bring your own packed lunch

At any time with absolute discretion the instructor may:
- Revoke their approval for the applicant to attend or participate in the course
- Recommend that the applicant transfer to auditor status
- Make an adjustment or adjust the fees if either of the above events occur
- The APPLICANT agrees to release and discharge the INSTRUCTOR in respect of all liability to the
APPLICANT for loss or damage of any kind, whether for personal injury, death or property damage
which the APPLICANT may suffer from attending the course/lesson/clinic/workshop howsoever caused
- The APPLICANT hereby indemnifies the INSTRUCTOR from any loss, liability, damage or cost that
may be incurred by the INSTRUCTOR as a result of any act or omission, whether caused by negligence of the APPLICANT or otherwise in respect of any injury, loss or damage of any person who may accompany the APPLICANT to the course/lesson/clinic/workshop may suffer whilst at the event
- This agreement, releases and indemnities shall be binding upon the APPLICANT, the APPLICANTS
legal representative, heirs, next of kin and that this agreement may be pleaded in bar to any cause of action commenced in any court contrary to the terms and conditions
- Various words and phrases used in all pages of this agreement shall have the following meanings: The INSTRUCTOR also includes any partners, employees, agents or sub contractors who may run or assist in the running of the course/lesson/clinic/workshop. The course/lesson/clinic/workshop refers to any instruction, training or demonstration relating to the starting, training, selection, care, handling and riding of horses.
Rider Acknowledgements and Declarations:
I declare that:
- Physically I am able, reasonably fit and well balanced on a horse at all gaits
- The horse that I will use on this course does not have any serious behavioral problems which may disrupt the course/lesson, other horses or riders
- I will accept and follow all reasonable instruction given by the INSTRUCTOR
- I am aware that activities involving horses can be dangerous and unpredictable and that I can be injured or killed
- I accept all risks of personal injury, death or property damage (including the horse) to myself or caused to others
- I am aware that I may be personally liable for injury or damage to other horses, people or property that is caused by myself or my horse and I have been advised that I should insure myself against such risks.
I have fully read and understood the terms and conditions on this form and I agree that all terms and conditions are included in the agreement between myself and the INSTRUCTOR

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